The Santa Ramona Chronicles

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Evacuation Update Press Release

Dear Citizens of Santa Ramona, Many of you have have begun asking why I gave the order to evacuate Santa Ramona. First off I would like to reiterate that the evacuation was a safety precaution. No one was exposed to anything dangerous and the decision to evacuate was made in order to maintain public health and safety. The helicopter that crashed into the dam belonged to the CDC. It was enroute from Mexico to their labs in Los Angeles. Onboard was a sample of Salmonella enterica enterica, serovar Typhi. In layman's terms that is Typhoid Fever. This particular strain is highly resistant to all known forms of treatment. Typhoid is highly contagious. The sample container was broke

November-January Crime Log

11/10/19 "Homicide" On the evening of Sunday November 10th last year. A male called 911 claiming a female had held him and his dog at gun point when he appeared to disturb her in the middle of committing a Homicide. Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the church graveyard where the body of a mutilated female was discovered naked with her throat cut. EMT's were called, but the female was declared deceased at the scene and was transported to the Morgue. The male caller was later located and interviewed by Deputies. The suspect is believed to be female and to have been wearing a blond wig and the witness believed she had dark colored hair under it, she also wore a fabric mask covering her fac

Santa Ramona Halfway House

The city of Santa Ramona will soon see it's very own Halfway House established in the South side sector in the upcoming weeks. The initiative which will incorporate the skills and training of South side's mental health and counseling clinic run by Doctor Evelyna Stone who will engage in a partnership with Mrs Alexia Rousseau, a Co-Owner of Rousseau's Construction Company whose husband also owns the construction company and supplies store while he also serves the city as City Manager and SRFD Chief. "Far too often we let our responsibility to our justice system end when a person is sentenced, this in itself is a horrible injustice. The point of jail and prison is not only to punish people co

Mandatory Evacuation

For Immediate Release: By order of the CDC Santa Ramona Valley is under an immediate and mandatory evacuation. All citizens should make their way to the evacuation points. Anyone needing assistance to reach those points should call the non-emergency line for the Sheriff'sdepartment. This madatory evacuation is a precaution against exposure. At this time no one is belived exposed. Citizen have until 6pm on January 8th to vacate. Please take all pets with you as you will not be allowed back in to retrieve them until the all clear is given by the CDC. Three Sisters, California was an Old West Boom town. It has been transformed into a living history museum that was once a popular tourist d

Vesuvio's, feast not famine.

The casual atmosphere of a family home, it seems so far removed from what we would expect from a party hosted at a business in the heart of the city but it’s exactly what people got at Vesuvio’s on New Years Eve. Whether in full gowns and white tie, button downs with rolled sleeves, or soft bare skin and chilled nips all were welcome at the Italian ball drop pre-game hosted by Julia Ruggieri, the new owner of the illustrious Vesuvio’s on Shady Street. With a New Year comes new opportunity, be it following a line of mistaken assumption and chasing the suggestion of “coupling” with the handsome escort for a New Years party, getting a gym membership that I’m confident will pay off this year for

Redemption or War?

Ebenezer Scrooge was the antagonist in The Christmas Carol, a story about the relationships that we foster or destroy and about punishment or redemption. Scrooge's business partner came back as a ghost to warn Scrooge of his fate should he not change his ways. Scrooge was a miserly old man that pushed everyone who ever loved him away from him. If he didn't change his ways, his path was clear. In the City of Santa Ramona Valley we have our own Ebenezer Scrooge. Max Mactavish, by all accounts, should be the antagonist in our story. A man who spent over twenty-five years in a super max prison for attempting to blow up his former precinct where he was a Police Lieutenant. His actions left his