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Rousseau Children Abducted

An Amber alert has been issued for Orson, Remy and Avery Rousseau. The children, pictured above, are aged 10, 7, and 8 respectively. Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department believes the children were abducted by Max Mactavish, the children's grandfather. Max Mactavish, shown below, is a 55 year old male Caucasian, blue eyes, gray hair, beard and mustache. If you have information about the abduction or you see Mactavish or the children call the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department immediately. Stay tuned to the Chronicle for more information about this evolving story.

The History of a Serial Killer

More information has come to light about escaped prisoner Jacob DeLucca. DeLucca was a Sergeant with the United States Army. He served as a mechanic with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This is where court records indicate he first met and became fixated on Army Chief Warrant Officer third class, Sarina Jade. Records show that when Jade was grounded from flying, she transferred to the CID. Months later, Sergeant DeLucca followed. He worked in the CID transportation unit. The psychologist that took the stand said that DeLucca fixated on Jade because she did not fall under his charms. As the psychologist put it, "When a psychopath is used

What's Happening At Wolfe's


Serial Killer Update

The Chronicle has been investigating fugitive Jacob DeLucca and why he has made his way to California from Kansas. Court records have been requested but a review of newspaper articles about the man reveal that he was able to charm his victims into trusting him. He's charismatic and comes across as trustworthy. He's also very much a psychopath according to a psychologist that was a witness in the trial. The Sheriff's Department was asked what measures are being put into place to protect the community. Undersheriff Azariah Brentt stated that there is a Be on the Lookout for the fugitive and that the Department has increased their operational awareness. He stated, "Everyone, not just women, nee

Escaped Fugitive at Large in SRV County

Several days ago, a known serial killer, sentenced to death in Kansas, escaped. Prison officials said he and four other prisoners were being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment when their transport was involved in an accident. The prisoners took advantage of the accident to over power the guards and escape. Three prisoners were found and returned to prison. A fourth was found dead, hanging from a tree. The last prisoner is said to still be at large. The escaped fugitive is named Jacob LaDucca, known as Tall Jake. Years ago he went on a rampage, killing six women in a three month period. The women varied in physical descriptions but all were luridly displayed for maximum shock va

Kink Tank-Help Wanted

The Kink Tank is looking to hire bartenders, waiters or waitresses, and a Janitor. No need to be kinky to apply but it certainly would help! Call Kilomahr Montago at the Kink Tank today! Kilomahr Montago (KiloDaga Resident)

October City Council Meeting Recap

On Sunday, October 13 the Santa Ramona City Council met for their monthly council meeting. In attendance were: Jay Stone, Governor Doctor Eve Stone, Chief physician SRGH Dimitri Rousseau, City manager and Fire Chief Joseph Styles, Finance Director Chiara Villanova, Mayor Jordan Russo, Legal Counselor Sarina Ramirez, Sheriff Azariah Brentt, Undersheriff Roisin Russo, Parks and Recreation The only item on the agenda was Mayor Villanova's proposal regarding the creation of a community center in Southside. According to her proposal, the property in question owed the city a lot in back taxes. The mayor intended to buy it for the amount of back taxes plus one dollar. There were several que

Rock Hard Gym is Rock Hard

Today the Rock Hard Gym had an open house. The owner, Bruno Caffarelli was present to greet guests as they arrived. Also in attendance were two trainers. The event had catered food and drinks provided by La Cantina. The owner and the trainers are body builders and were posing just outside and inside the doors to draw attention to the event. Rock Hard Gym was signing up new memberships and giving tours of the facility. Standard memberships are typically 30 a month and include access to all the equipment, the sauna, hot tub, massage table and various MMA, self defense and yoga classes. Standard membership gives members access to one of these special classes once a week. VIP membership includes

October City Council Proposal

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. SLT will be the first city council meeting for Mayor Villanova. Below you will find the proposal submitted by the Mayor. There are no other proposals on the agenda. If you want to submit a comment or question for the record, send to City Hall before the meeting. (send to Sarina Jade (Madison Munru) Submitted by Chiara Villanova, Mayor Proposal: Build a Community Center There are no location for a group of people to gather on the south side of town. What is in that area is a lot of empty buildings. I propose that the city acquire the abandoned warehouse on Rhydin Street, next to the Tip Top convenience store and convert it into a Community Center to ho

Deputy vs. Fire Hydrant

On October 6, a deputy sheriff's car was observed parked in front of a fire hydrant and partially blocking the sidewalk and road. It is well known that in non-emergency situations Law Enforcement must follow all the laws just like everyone else. The vehicle did not have its lights and sirens on and there appeared to be no emergency in the area. Was the deputy just stopping to buy some flowers because they missed a birthday? Or was this a sign of corruption within the Sheriff's Department? When asked about the incident, Mayor Chiara Villanova, stated, "I don't believe that ascends to the level of corruption. I think it simply shows that one officer needs to be reminded of parking regulations.

How many bars does a city need?

Upon arriving in Santa Ramona I overheard someone saying that there were thirteen bars in the city. That seemed like an exaggeration or an alcoholics anonymous nightmare. So I embarked on a journey to find out just what kind of bars Santa Ramona had and if there was as much drinking in the city as would be indicated by having thirteen bars. After investigation, there aren't thirteen actual bars. I've compiled a list of the bars, restaurants with bars, and entertainment businesses that serve alcohol. Where possible, I garnered input from the owners of the businesses. In some cases, the business owner or manager wasn't available to answer questions so customers were asked for information abo

Open House Planned for Rock Hard Gym

With the onset of autumn are you spending less time outside? This is a perfect time to put exercise and fitness into your lifestyle! Come on out to the Open House at Rock Hard Fitness, Sunday October 13, noon to 6 PM in the Imperial Plaza Mall. There will be free use of the facilities, including the sauna and hot tub along with yoga classes and free fitness training and even free massages. The staff will be dressed to impress with bodybuilding posing throughout the day. Refreshments will be catered by La Cantina. Drop in anytime, even if you don't want to exercise.

Hole New Safety

The city council recently passed a proposal from Santa Ramona Sheriff's Dept, to have new lockable covers to be put onto the sewer access holes on El Camino and Retro. In an effort to prevent members of the public gaining access to the sewers for often illegal and nefarious purposes, that have recently, in last 6 months, according to the SD, resulted in injury, torture and murder of both citizens of Santa Ramona police officers. I caught up with the new Undersheriff of Santa Ramona newly formed Sheriff's Dept and asked him about what difference this will make. "Its our belief that preventing access to the sewer system on the Southside of town will go a long way towards, making the streets in

Howl for Wolfes!

WOLFE'S TAVERN IS REOPENED WITH A NEW OWNER!! WOLFES WILL BE A COUNTRY STYLE BAR WITH CLASSIC ROCK INFLUENCES, WE WILL BE HAVING EVENTS MONTHLY, INCLUDING BBQ'S, PIG ROASTS, HOLIDAY PARTIES!!! THE ADVENTURES AWAIT YOU!!! WE ARE SEEKING STAFF!!!.. BOUNCERS, WAITERS, WAITRESSES, DANCERS, ENTERTAINMENT PROVIDERS!!! PLEASE APPLY ((ICLY)) WITH RIVER CARO-GRAY (NADIRA FAIRPORT) ((River ICly is a gal from Far east Canada, she is a home grown country gal with strong roots of her homelands. She took the trip to Santa Ramona California as an adventure. Having been here and her inheritance following her she bought the abandoned tavern Wolfes! She plans to bring it back to life with every fib