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Dam Work Done

Governor Stone and City Hall passed approval over a proposal to repair the Dam located on the Eastern side of the valley of Santa Ramona when it was discovered that the past two earthquakes had caused cracks to form in the concrete walls of the Dam. An examination of the Dam had been carried out and the cracks were documented and displayed in the proposal. The proposal sought to request for a Federal Grant of up to $100 million for the repairs to be carried out when the council and public approved the idea of repair versus deconstruction and rebuilding the Dam with the latter being seen as too costly. Governor Stone was able to land $100 million Federal Grant to repair the Dam, hiring a loca

Press Release on OIS

On the Afternoon of Sunday 29th September, SRPD Officers went to an apartment on Saturn Way in order to serve an arrest warrant they had for a resident there, in connection with the recent shoot out at Seven Ring's Casino. The Officers spent sometime explaining why they were there and the charges on the Warrant through the door to the female occupant and trying persuade her to open the door. After several warnings they attempted to breech the door. The door did not give on the first attempt, but due to its poor construction a hole was made. It was through this hole that the female then started firing a shotgun at the officers. They responded with several warnings that she needed to desist an

Adios PD

Santa Ramona Valley, CA Today it was announced by Governor Jay Stone that the Santa Ramona Police Department was being dissolved effective October 4, 2019. Amid gasps of surprise, rapid fire questions, and some shouts of joy, the Governor continued with his announcement to inform the citizens that Law Enforcement duties for the city would now be handled by Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department starting that same day. With the recent retirement of Sheriff Chuck M. Gunster, the governor appointed a new Sheriff to replace him. The new Sheriff will be Chief of Police, Sarina Jade Ramirez. We tracked soon to be Sheriff Sarina Jade Ramirez down to answer some questions about this change. Reporter: Wh

Hospital Health Fair

On Saturday, September 28th, the Santa Ramona Hospital hosted a health fair. The health fair offered a variety of services to the citizens including flu shots, basic health exams, blood tests, sexually transmitted disease checks, eye exams, blood pressure readings, prenatal care as well as setting up appointments for future care. Mayor Chi Villanova was at the health fair. When asked about the fair she stated, "Public health is always at the forefront of City Hall's mind be it with condoms, removing excess guns from the streets or even something as simple as filling potholes so you don't get that hard banging jar on your way to work." When asked about taking peoples guns, the mayor was q

Press Release on OIS

On the Afternoon of Sunday 22nd September, SRPD Officers were dispatched to Boozie's Liquor Store on Saturn Way where a caller had reported a major drug deal happening and two occupants of a bright yellow Kobra on scene. They arrived to find the Kobra and its occupants but were unable to locate the caller. It's suspected it 'might' of been an ambush as when the Officers arrived the occupants almost immediately began to fire at them. One had a hand gun the other and AK-47. Both suspects were previously known to police. The Officers gave two verbal warnings that they would return fire if the weapons were not dropped. The suspects continued to fire at them and long shoot out ensued. During whic

Press Release Re SRGH Incident on Sep 20th

A Nurse and two Police Officers died yesterday, Friday afternoon, another Officer is currently in a serious but stable condition, a hospital auxiliary has critical injuries and others including yet another SRPD Officer and a SRGH Doctor also sustained injuries during the incident in the ICU department of the hospital, which rendered the hospital on security lock down for several hours we are told. At least nine gunshots were heard to be fired by the assailant and SRPD Officers attempting to stop her rein of destruction. The hospital was open as usual again this morning September 21st and I was able to contact Dr Evelyna Stone the Clinical director of Santa Ramona General Hospital this aftern

Earthquake Causes Minor Casualties

The Santa Ramona Zoo had a few escapes through out the earthquake and many businesses still in tact. Although for some whom encountered minor casualties were sent to the hospital with lost memories. Some patients were sent to psych due to stating they think they saw a bear and a cow in the middle of the road fighting at all means while others say they saw pandas in the middle of the street. Quite the chaotic night for rescue workers and Hospitals. Some buildings encountered minor damage. no word on when repairs will be done. As for the Santa Ramona Zoo, they released a statement apologizing for the acts of the animals and that if any citizens were endangered or hurt by the animals they would

Chiara Villanova Campaign ad

My name is Chiara Villanova and I approved this ad. Many of you might not know me. I am the lead designer and owner of Virtuous Vice Clothing Company. While I wasn't born here Santa Ramona is my adopted hometown. I not only work with a business on the South side, I live here on the North side, paying taxes on both a condo and my business. You might question my qualifications to be Mayor. I started Virtuous Vice out of my locker in high school. I have lead it's growth to thirteen cities across the United States. I repaid my family the seed money they loaned me with interest. My company employees a handful of people in the local shop but even more who handle our shipping operations. N

Response to Joeseph Styles From A City Councilman

I have written to address Joseph Styles points that he made to the Santa Ramona Chronicles regarding the issue of the City Council. It seems that Mr Styles is a part of the general public who [no offense intended] does not take the time to read up on who your city council members are and what they have achieved or are about to qualify them a place in the council to begin with and what they achieved while there. You're seeing us in a one dimensional capacity of Fire Chief, PD Chief, Doctor...etc. If you were in this position on the council and somebody asked why you, a bar owner were a part of it, you might understand that the job you hold is not related to your opinions and experience and p

From the desk of Joseph Styles

After attending tonight’s City Council meeting, I feel I need to get my thoughts out. I was not allowed to do so at said meeting, as I did not fill out a Comment Card before the meeting. There is only one problem, the Proposition changed during the meeting and my questions developed from those changes. How can I submit a question in advance if I do not have the question? The Proposition I speak of was to have an elected “Southside” representative on the Council, with full voting privileges. There is only one problem with that to me. What makes one “Southside” I, for example, live in the Southside, but I own and operate a business in the North. I do not consider myself someone who divides thi

A Second Response from Mayor Ramirez

My Fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona, As I've pondered the responses, and I've read the various responses, two of them stood out. This time I'm going to combine some related responses and talk them over. Both involved the poor, homeless, and better access to Mental Health and the legalization of Marijuana. First I want to go ahead and start with the answer on legalization of Cannabis. This may be considered a lazy answer to some, but this is the best resource when it comes to Cannabis usage in this City: "Proposition 64; Adult use of Marijuana Act Under Prop 64, People age 21 or older may: 1. Possess, transport, obtain, or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than one ounce

City Council-Additional Proposal

This proposal was not included in the first batch. The mistake was due to computer glitch when the file was uploaded. We apologize for any confusion this created. Remember, citizen comments for proposals submitted for City Council approval can be sent to City Hall. (Drop a NC on Sarina Jade (Madison Munro) ) The City Council is meeting on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. SLT. Proposal 4 submitted by Lieutenant Azariah Brentt of SRPD: Since June this year there have been to date 1 murder in the of the sewers of this city, plus 3 kidnap victims have been taken down there, 2 or 3 people have been held and tortured down there. There is evidence of an illegal fight club, being operated in

City Council Proposals for 9/15/19

In an effort to better communicate with citizens, the SRV City Council will be posting proposals that are being presented at their monthly council meeting held on September 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm SLT. Citizens may send comments to City Hall in regards to these proposals. These comments will be read into the record and will be taken into consideration as the council members debate the proposals. (Give Notecard statement to Sarina Jade (Madison Munro) ) Proposal 1 submitted by Chief Rousseau of the Fire Department: The following contains a report made by the councilman and a suggested proposal based off the report: Council man Rousseau visited the Dam site and the Dam engineer and Mr Rousseau wer

Campaign Ad: Miller H Time

Save the children of Santa Ramona Vally An vote for Miller to support a new library, Libraries are important cornerstones of a healthy community. Libraries give people the opportunity to find jobs, explore medical research, experience new ideas, get lost in wonderful stories, while at the same time providing a sense of place for gathering. Santa Ramona Valley Needs a Library that reflects the diversity and character, and the needs and expectations of our community. Those needs and expectations are often extensive, and the services invaluable. is Santa Ramona Valley Needs a Library that would often be the only readily available source of comprehensive information needed by people for p

Seven Rigns Casino Grand Opening Set

On Thursday September 12, at 600pmSLT the Seven Rings Casino opens in Santa Ramona . Gambling will happen on both the floor and the Seventh Ring VIP Club. During the Grand Opening there will be a live DJ along with giveaways throughout the evening. Free drinks with registration for the “Seven Rings Card”.

Mayor Ramirez Listens

My fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona, Recently, I had put out a question. In it, I asked you to speak your mind and submit your responses to said question. And astoundingly, I have heard much. The first of these responses I am going to share and respond below: Response: "Passion is for the betterment of the city. Issue is that people see the Mayoral Office being an ego trip (former Mayors and several future ones who have indicated that they're running for office)" I relate to the first half of this response. I too want to see a City United. And a few of my ideas, including festivals and social events are aimed at making this passion a reality for many people. Unfortunately, here in Santa

Life is a game- Paint ball is serious.

SRPD sponsored by the Mayors Office will be holding a community paint ball quest on Menice Beach this coming Friday 09/06 at 1pm SLT. Entry is free and participants have free reign to shoot anyone from the other team- with paint balls of course! So gather your friends, family, even your frienemies together and give them a paint splattered ass whooping they will never forget all in defence of your base. If you have what it takes to hold out against the opposing team and keep control of your base under siege then join us for a fun filled, paint splattered afternoon. Jumpsuits and guns provided! Participants to meet outside the 'No Tell Motel' on Imperial Blv at 12.30pm for kitting out and inst

Black Out Baby Born

SRGH told us today that one baby was delivered to Dr Allie Brentt during the recent blackout caused by Storm Derecho that made landfall on the coast near SRV on the evening of August 30th. The idea that blackouts might lead to baby booms has been a subject of contention for a long time. It first came to prominence in popular culture after the great New York blackout of 1965, which left over 30 million people without electricity for 13 hours, but what about babies being born during blackouts? For one little boy who was born at approximately 10.30am on Sunday September the 1st and weighing in at 7lbs, power outages will probably be part of his life living in this area of Southern California,