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Be a Star

Virtuous Vice Clothign Company is looking for models for their early fall fashion show "Bondage in the Boardroom." The show is Saturday September 14th at 5pm. All body shapes and sizes wanted. Male and female fashon. COntact Chiara Villanova (Bethann.causten) for more information.

For all Car lovers, Motor Heads, Grease Monkies---

For all Car lovers, Motor Heads, Grease Monkies--- Kink Tank presents the one and only Santa Ramona Car Show, with Classic, High End and More to enjoy at the Santa Ramona Speedway!! [Race tracks] All are welcome to enjoy a fun filled day!

Birth Announcement

On August 24th at 3:54 p.m. Roman Ramirez and Sarina Jade Ramirez welcomed their first child, a son. Roman Ramirez jr. weighed in at seven pounds and three ounces and was 20 inches long. Mother and child are resting, counting down the hours until they can go home. In lieu of flowers or gifts the Ramirez family asks friends to make a donation to Santa Ramona Valley orphanage.

La Cantina Bar & Grill

Many centuries ago,people used to call it The Tavern,in some women were not even allowed to enter and others who did were simply the meat for men. Today, The Tavern has many names and one is La Cantina, not only changed how the way food and drinks were served but also how welcoming is today even for families with children. Some of the traditional restrictions on entry to cantinas are beginning to fade away. However, in many areas, it is still viewed as scandalous for proper ladies to be seen visiting a genuine cantina. A cantina in the U.S. is simply a tavern with a Southwestern or Mexican motif that serves traditional alcoholic Mexican drinks. In the 1890s, cantina entered American English

A Touch Of Magic To SRV

A brand spanking new store has opened up on the streets of Santa Ramona Valley today. Bringing with it that touch of magic! Down on Pacific near the beach front one of the quaint little store has now been snapped up by Roisin Russo. Taking the long awaited dusty room and with her own personal touch of magic has brought us the brand new 'The Pendulum Spiritual Shop'. This Witch shop is now boasting the finest in spiritual equipment. From Oils and Potions to Herbs and Candles this little store is packing all your spiritual needs be you wiccan, pagan, a mystic or just like to dabble now and then in the dark arts. Be warned tho this isnt no Hogwarts gig! You could even find yourself in a seance

Tension Builds In Southside

Endless unrest for the streets of Santa Ramona Valley as the Southside tension builds between the locals and known gangs within the area. Southside & Menice beach known for its darker side of life sporting the likes of The Kink Tank, Alley Cats and the local MC, Hells Horseman Motorcycle Club otherwise known as HHMC. All of which are well known establishments that local gangs like to take up residency in. Locals have reported ongoing disputes with these gangs and feeling terrorized by their living environments. A few commenting "we cant even get a drink without being badgered into buying drugs or being blackmailed into working for them". However it appears the gangs have a few teething pr

Looking To Hire

Looking for individuals that wish to be in adult entertainment be it from camera operator to adult film star. If interested contact Jade Vertilo(kim akselbrad) At Sinful Desires production by calling 552- 0069

Crime Reports 8/16/19

07/27 "Youth Arrested for Poisoning a former LEO" On the evening of Saturday July 27th a nineteen year old youth was arrested for his part in poisoning the eyed drops of a former Law Enforcement Officer at SRGH, after admitting to the Officer present his part in the incident that left the female temporarily blind. The incident was sent to court. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 07/27 "Killer arrested" On the afternoon of Saturday July 27th SRPD Officers who had been able to obtain an emergency search warrant on a female suspect who was arrested for

Zombies Or Looters You Decide

The Santa Ramona church on Vestral street appears to be back in the lime light this week. With unfolding recent events turning up filled in holes within the sacred ground of the graveyard. Small pot holes that have been filled in where spotted dotted around the graves and boundary walls yesterday morning, leaving the locals wondering. With last weeks discovery of the gold filled mahogany chest during the reconstruction of the church after it fell victim to what is believed to be an arson attack. There is avid speculation that there is much more to discover with the rich history of Santa Ramona Valley Locals are concerned that last weeks article covering the discovery story and the comment ma


Legend has it that when the greedy Spanish conquistadors were raiding the town nestled in the valley now known as Santa Ramona, Saint Ramona herself hid as much gold and valuable artifacts as she could from the marauding and exploitative thieves invading her home and country. Legend also has it that she put a curse on the gold, in an attempt to damn those greedy and bloodthirsty conquerors for eternity. The former church out on Vestral street had been at the heart of some controversy over it's members potentially being involved in what was believed to be a secretive cult with strange symbols appearing all over the city allegedly their handiwork. Satanic rituals and a strange night in the Re

Neighbourhood Watch

At the recent city council meeting on the August 2nd 2019 a proposal was passed by the Governor, Mayor and other City Councillors to start up a Neighbourhood Watch program in Santa Ramona Valley. Neighbourhood Watch is often the cornerstone of a cities crime prevention strategy. Its been very effective in places like LA and San Francisco. It enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in communities throughout the City. SRPD is a small department with limits on manpower and resources and we recognise there is a growing crime problem in SRV. The PD knows a large proportion of crimes go unreported for various reasons. That is the main re


Miller and his crew had set up a scene for the movie "Neverland 2" coming back from a break about the time the squad car rolled up. Miller start to step forward as the police Lt. started grabbing crime scene tape. When Miller was order back. He woud comply and just watch at last when the Acting Chief Brentt pulled back the sheet and shouted it's a dummy. Miller would just bust out laughing as he stare at Acting Chief Brentt " Yep it sure is" Miller could be heard saying. But in the end they all had a good laugh, maybe Miller laughed harder but it was still a good time. Response from Acting Chief Brentt ..........We turned into Scarlet Lane on a routine parole check and not expecting to see


On the 2nd of August 2019 in the City Hall council meeting, a proposal was passed with approval by the Governor, Mayor and City council members over a new media production company to be situated in Santa Ramona Valley. Create-TVT a television production company will open up diverse employment opportunities for those who hold media and production as well as television related skill sets, the city councilman and FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau who thought up and proposed the media company says. "This is a chance for anybody business minded and interested in ownin' shares in a television company and bein' able to run an' select media content. This will also provide chances for local celebrities, musi

City Hall Meeting Disrupted by Impeachment Talk, Proposals Passed

The latest City Hall council meeting saw three proposals passed and a call for impeachment of the current Mayor, Mr Roman Ramirez, formerly an SRPD Police Sergeant by a citizen who threw the council meeting into disorder with his announcement. The meeting had started orderly enough, presided over by Governor Stone and included the three city council members along with Mayor Ramirez and the City Manager Lillian Llewelyn. As the meeting progressed to the first proposal, a man stood up and asked whether the information he held on a piece of paper was correct which was to do with the conditions requisite for an impeachment of the current Mayor for public abuse of trust. The meeting then descende

Chasing Up the Truth in Southside

In the light of Ms Angelyna Bennetts article I contacted SRPD to see if they had a response and explanation for what seems to be a sustained amount of interest and harassment of a young bushiness woman from the Southside. I was interested to find out what their opinion of Ms Bennett is and if this sentiment extends to all the community in the Southside or is just isolated on Ms Bennett. I spoke to the Acting Chief and asked him the following questions; Thank you for agreeing to talk to me Acting Chief, I understand you already put out a statement regarding your reasons for serving your search warrant the way you did on Sunday, so I am not going to dig into that too much. However I was wonder