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A Southside View

I am the owner of a small business in Southside of Santa Ramona Valley. I came to Santa Ramona when I was 19, looking for my sister, who I ended up finding. I didn't have a lot in the way of experience working or education, but I got lucky and Frank Castle gave me a job at an auto shop. I worked hard to hone my skills and save my money to buy the Lock N Load pawn shop in Southside, sinking every dime I had in it. No sooner had I succeeded, then I saw how the police in this town failed me. I run a legit business. I'm not perfect by any measure of the word, but my business is clean and I have a great relationship with the ATF, passing every inspection without a single issue. I've never be


Santa Ramona's very own Race Track kicked off with a roaring start as Santa Ramona's very own race car drivers went head to head in an exciting three lap race of the three mile race track with big prizes won by those competing. Winner Joanne Steel, drummer with the band formed in Santa Ramona, The Ashes was the prize winner, taking 1st place after a close race which saw her winning the $50,000 dollar cash prize. In 2nd place was Zoe Svard, Owner of The Reel, winning $25,000 and third place went to Sevynne Nightfire, hostess of hit show OverHaulin' who netted $12,500. The winner Joanne Steel stated: "What can I say... I mean seriously I am speechless and still can't believe I won. I hav

Reporting from Southside, Dissenting or Just Venting?

Today reporters from the Santa Ramona Chronicles contacted the SRPD in regards to recent happenings in Southside, recently a raid had happened on a local pawn shop. Investigative reporter Clark called to find out what happened, and why the power seemed to be cut off at the time of this event. An unidentified individual at the PD provided the answers, "On the afternoon of 07/28/19 a SWAT team from SRPD arrived at Lock 'n' Load in Rookery street to serve a search warrant we had for the premises and all premises associated with a particular individual known to reside/work there. The warrant was lawful and authorized by Judge Justice. For legal and confidentiality reasons I am not at liberty to

Cattle loose in town

Early Saturday morning, a truck full of cows was driving up in Santa Ramona, when it suddenly broke down in front of the Fresh Market. Having no choice the owner, Miller Time, had to unload them and guide them through town up to the farm. With the help of known lead actress of the upcoming movie Neverland 2, Trusor Caro and fresh market worker Eternelle Wolf, the three of them guided the herd through town without causing too much trouble, leaving some unforgotten gifts for the town to remember their passage and bringing the cows safely to their new home

Vampires Coming to the Boardwalk

In the late 80's Sunny California .. A movie was shot and the place .was a den of blood thirsty vampires, feeding off the the youth. The boardwalk was THE place to, friends, music, and vampires! Miller Entertainment and production company is looking for YOU!!! The sequel to the cult favorite is being shot right here in Santa Ramona .....NeverLand 2.... and is looking for actors, actresses, and stage hands.....ever wanted to be in the movies? Ever dreamed of playing a bloodthirsty vampire? Then come down for open castings and be part of History in the making of the dark world of vampires sequel NeverLand 2...Blood, Gore, and Sex never looked better than right here on our own Streets

Cult Activity in Santa Ramona Valley,CA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Santa Ramona Police Department Address: 7 Grove Ave, Santa Ramona,Ca Contact: Lt. Azariah Brentt Date: July 20th 2019 UPDATE For a few months now SRPD has been investigating what is now believed to be are 'cults' springing up around town. A large amount of esoteric graffiti has been appearing on walls and surfaces all over SRV. The department has been logging these in the hopes of understanding what they meant. “The graffiti is all esoteric and satanic in nature, which is when we started to believe we were dealing with a cult.” said Lt A Brentt. “Due to some of the symbols being placed on top of each other or in position of opposition, its our current belief that w


Santa Ramona civilians are bemoaning the loss of their church located on Vestral Avenue, tucked to the side of the cities Dam. The church burned down in a devastating fire and has been unable to be salvaged, sadly demolished this week. However the reasons for the church's destruction is still unclear and an on going investigation is taking place under the SRPD. Santa Ramona Chronicles spoke to the SRFD who successfully put out the fire the night the church burned. "There was a fire investigation and while our findings ain conclusive, we are leaning toward that this could be an arson attack against the church." FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau announced to the Chronicles. "There is also some strang

Community Review Board-Volunteers Requested

With the election of a new mayor, the first SRPD Community Review Board can be selected. In order to form this board, we need volunteers who would be willing to be responsible for the following: Receive complaints from community members in regards to SRPD officers and personnel Review complaints, including those filed by SRPD Determine if complaints should be investigated by Internal Affairs, which is handled by the DA's office or if they should be dismissed without investigation Review disciplinary decisions on sustained complaints reached by internal Affairs and carried out by SRPD Command staff. If not in agreement of the disciplinary actions recommended by IA and taken by SRPD Command on

Mayor Press Release: Officer Smith

My Fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona, Recently a local native of this great city and one of the SRPD’s finest, Officer Torrance Smith was shot and killed in action. I stand with his family deeply impacted by this loss. Now I want to tell you a story that is deeply personal to me. I was neighbors with the Smith family, and Officer Smith’s brother was one of my very dear friends. He loved Basketball and was an avid supporter of the Los Angeles Clippers. He loved his family and went to College achieving a Bachelors of Forensic Science at the University of California in Davis. Of all of us, Officer Smith was the first to marry, having married his High School Sweetheart immediately following his gr

Officer Shot and Killed at an Incident on Wednesday

An SRPD police officer who had been on the force less than a six months after transferring from LA, died of a gunshot wound to the head on Wednesday after being called out to attend an incident with other officers, police said. Torrance Smith, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene, after a suspect opened fire on him and his fellow Officers as they attempted to administer emergency aid to a gun shot victim, Lieutenant Azariah Brentt said during a very brief news conference on Thursday. Three officers were on a call out, after a caller had phoned 911, to report a active shooter and stating she had heard screaming in sewers under the Retro Drive area of the city. “We found a manhole cover lifted

Letter to the Editor: Coverup?

While some will stop reading this based on who wrote it, at least read a few more sentences before you make that decision. Roman Ramirez was the subject of a Protection from Stalking order issued by Judge Gil Justice. Lt. Brentt stated to me he recommended criminal charges against Roman Ramirez, including Bribery and Tampering with Witnesses. No criminal charges were issued by the Court. When I filed a Freedom of Information Act request on this information, Judge Justice blocked it relentlessly and refused to discuss the why no criminal charges were filed against Roman Ramirez. This is just facts. The reader can draw their own conclusions, but I will tell you mine. Why is the Judge coveri