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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Agency and City Contingency Grant

Governor Stone has managed to secure a Federal Grant for the recently proposed Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Agency and City Contingency plan. Governor Stone was able to establish an area of the city for storing emergency supplies and for the provision of a warehouse for the Agency and it's efforts in the case of a future natural disaster. Governor Stone stated: "It is my pleasure to announce that SRV Emergency Services, under the request and recent proposal of Fire Chief Dimitri Rousseau, has received a much needed federal grant to be used for emergency preparedness and safety of the entire valley. Congratulations to not only the Chief in his success but also a congratulations to he

Marriage Annoucement

The Chronicle would like to extend it's congratulatiosn to Chief Sarina Jade Ramirez and Sgt. Roman Ramirez on their marriage today.

Reply to the Reply of the Reply

To: Sarina Jade, SRP Labor, Governor Stone City Manager Castle ADA Russo Subject: Reply to the Reply of the Reply Ms. Jade. Congrats [sim] on your marriage. As to your reply to my reply of your reply, I find your statements of "taking things out of context" unacceptable and reject any such insinuation. The quotes that were quotes were complete and in context. It is fully within the rights of the City to ask for written proposals. As the City and the SRPD Labor Union exchanges have shown a vast difference between them, it is only correct to ask for a written response. The City needs to determine costs of any such agreement. Also, your statement indicates that

Ask Anne

Do you have a question about social etiquette, personal issues, or just need advice? Ask Anne! Please write in at 55 Junipero Ave to "Ask Anne' or email the SRV Chronicles at for a chance to be feautured in the newspaper! ((Please send IC clips to Rhiannon Dahl (rhiviannele) ))


"Need wood? Whether you're getting ready for Hurricane season or maybe the local Police Department has gone on strike and you need to board-up the house or shop in a hurry... Rousseau's Construction & Supplies Store has what you need. Take 15% off your purchase of plywood now until Tuesday. This weekend sale won't last... but the strike might! Come in today. Rousseau's Construction & Supplies Store, we carry everything you need for every project you can imagine. Located at 78 Shady Street."

Reponse to Notice of Unfair Labor Practices

Office of the Mayor To: Sarina Jade, SPRD Labor Union, et al. Governor Jay Stone ADA Jordan Russo City Manager Frank Castle Santa Ramona Chronicle Re: Labor Practice Grievence [sic] Ms. Jade, My office has reviewed your correspondence. As noted by your press release to the press, my office feels it serves the public interest that our reply also be transparent and given to the public. Your allegations are patently false. Again, as your notice has proven, it is *not* the city that has failed to bargain, but the SRPD Labor Union. Let me cite some examples: "4/15/19- SRPD officially contacted the mayor's office, requesting contract negotiations for

Accountability. Oversight. Trust.

Three words that appear to be the equal of "Voldermort" here in Santa Ramona. The SRPD has taken the action of going on strike as its demands were not met by the City. Demands that the SRPD Labor Union made and refuses to negotiate. While, the press has attacked myself and my stand, I will continue to stand for Police Accountability. Let me ask you, the citizen of the Great City of Santa Ramona... if you had a issue with a inappropiate action of the Police, what would you do? Under Chief Jade and Lt Azariah.. nothing. That is because you have no option. They are the investigators. They are the jury. They are the judge. If your neighbor broke into your house and beat you with a bat, they w

A Word From Part of 'The City'

This is a press release from the Santa Ramona General Hospital and the Southside Clinic, overseen by Chief of Staff, Dr. Evelyna Stone. We are all part of 'The City'. The police department, hospital, fire department/EMS, the business owners, the political leaders and the citizens that have found a place to call home. We are The City. It is upsetting to hear that term thrown around as a group that does not support our fantastic SRPD. I know many of our citizens, business owners, political leaders and emergency services support the police department and all the members of the SRPD. I know the hospital and Southside Clinic has on many occasions seen to the needs of our brave men and women i

Press Release: The Timing of the Strike

It has been suggested to us that this strike that we are now engaged in, is nothing but an act of retaliation in response to the threats made against several of our Officers and the abominable extension of those threats to include our children. That the decision to walk out was made out of fear, or anger but, we ask you all to consider this; do frightened and intimidated men and women, set themselves aside from the one institution that can offer them protection and security, remove themselves from the protection of Police Station? No. We are not afraid, we are not intimidated and we do not engage in childish games of retaliation. The decision to strike when we did, was a hard made one. The a

A Mayor Alliance

When Mayor Carly Brucato was just a simple candidate running for elections one of her key point was a struggle against what she called 'illegal business'. It's not a secret one of the biggest feud about that was with ex Mayor Frank Castle and she pushed many times the SRPD to take action against his Casino and family. In the early days after her election it was not uncommon to hear the Mayor harsh remarks on Castle's family, while Frank Castle was often heard making vulgar comments about the morality of Miss Brucato that might have appeared misogynistic to many. A little protest against the police and the Mayor itself was promoted by the Castle family outside the city hall, without much par

Spring Fitness Training Tips by Fawnie Dimple

Hey hey! Spring is here! Its a time for renewal, rockin' the latest bright fashions, shedding layers, and ofcourse- Spring cleaning! That can apply not only to reorganizing your closet, but to tossing out unhealthy habits and shedding those layers of unsightly flab you may have acquired over the last couple months. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Santa Ramona Valley's very own Celebrity fitness trainer and public Figure, Fawnie Dimple, to discuss the matter. During our chat, I asked her for some tips on getting in shape and healthy for Spring! Fawnie is not only known for her fitness and nutrition expertise over at the Rock Hard Gym, but also her killer body and f

City Counter Proposal.

1. Police Control Board. 2. 1% Raise. 3. Engage local businesses to provide more support (vehicles, equipment). 4. Additional Medical support as approved case by case by the PCB. 5. Sustainability. The City cannot rely on fundraisers for General Operations. All General Operations funding must be from relible sources. 6. 50% of the SRPD must reside in the Southside. In this way they will have a incentive to protect the Southside. 7. Police to participate in recruitment efforts as directed by the Mayor's Office. Police Control Board Members Mayor, City Manager, Governor, Citizen Selected by the other 3 Members. For voting purposes, Mayor, City Manager and Governor have 2 votes each

Unfair Labor Practice Grievance-Newspaper

To: California State Labor Board Attention: Governor Jay Stone 1. The Petitioner alleges that the following circumstances exist and requests the the California Labor Relations Board proceed pursuant to the Statues and its Administrative Rules, to determine whether there has been any violation and if so to provide a remedy. . 2: Complainant: Santa Ramona Police Department Union Representatives: Sarina Jade, Chief of Police; Azariah Brentt, Lieutenant 3: Respondent: Miss Brucato-Angel, Mayor Santa Ramona Valley 4. Allegations: The Complainant alleges that the above-named respondent has engaged in or is engaging in unfair labor practice or practices within the meaning of the California Statu

SRPD Crime Log

About 2:30 in the morning of 4/24/19, masked individuals parked in front of the SRPD and arranged a groupings of live pigs on the sidewalk. One man then proceeded to cut the throats of all the pigs in a dramatic display of theater. The PD found this display and after investigation, the names of various police officers were carved into the flesh of these pigs. While this particular infantile prank has been pulled on us before, and is considered tripe by this point, we are particularly disturbed that this group of individuals decided to carve the name of one of our children upon the smallest pig. The officers of SRPD signed up for the job knowing we may give the ultimate sacrifice, however ou


This (NPC) reprter would like to ask that Madam Mayor and the Chief of Police both put on their big girl panties and talk to each other. The newspaper is not a child's game of telephone.

Press Release

Mayor's Office Reply to the SRPD Strike Press Release. 1. The SRPD states that the City has discretionary funding available. Which is true. However, that funding is earmarked for playgrounds, homeless shelters and food banks. A choice between a private medical staff for the PD or needed services for the underprivledged? We choose the people, not the pampered. 2. As far as better equipment, organizations have come forward to provide such things, so it would not be a cost from the City. 3. Accountability. The SRPD judges itself. The Justice System judges the people. Is this fair?

Press Release: Re SRPD Strike

Recently the mayor announced that the SRPD was planning to strike due to unresolved contract issues. The mayor and governor held a press conference to announce this information. We'd like to take this opportunity to address the community concerns that were raised. First and foremost, the officers at the SRPD are here to serve and protect the community. We do not take the talk of a possible strike lightly, nor did we put it forward for frivolous reasons. In order to avert a possible strike, we have reached out to the mayor and governor to start contract negotiations. We are hopeful that we can find common ground and avoid any strike, for the good of this great and wonderful city. Second

Press Release

Regarding the conduct of on duty Officers at public events. Santa Ramona Police Department wishes to make it known that it does not in anyway endorse or support the use of inappropriate or discriminatory language towards members of SRV City Council, the Mayor or any other member of the public. A distinct lack of tact was shown by an SRPD Officer during a public council meeting recently. While Police officers do have freedom of speech, they may not exercise this right while on duty or in uniform. This behavior was wholly unacceptable, inappropriate, and a violation of SRPD Code of Ethics. The Officer involved has been suspended without pay.

Under the Waters of Santa Ramona

Someone asked me once what I like to do in my spare time, to relax and unwind from a stressful job. Well for a start I have precious little spare time and a family, but I would like share with you one of the activities that I challenge anyone not find relaxing. Southern California is home to some truly beautiful coastlines and Santa Ramona is no exception. Visitors from all over the world stop to watch the gorgeous coastal sunsets or swim in the ocean here. This coastline's protective features and the efforts of conservationists have created a balanced aquatic ecosystem in Southern California. Many of the fish in Southern California are used to the presence of divers and show a curiosity whe

Proposals Passed

A City Hall council meeting that took place Friday the 12th of April saw the approval and passing of two proposals. The first proposal put forward to the council and citizens by Chief Jade of the Santa Ramona Police Department was a scheme to introduce bounty hunters in a scheme to help Police bring vigilantes and criminals wanted by the law into custody. Chief Jade spoke about the scheme; "I'm looking forward to seeing if this bounty hunter group will help Santa Ramona deal with some of the issues we have with crime. If we don't see any advantages to it within a few months, then we can evaluate but I think the citizens deserve to see criminals brought to justice. Bounty Hunters will be in