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TITs Raise Money For Breast Cancer Awareness

Despite Breast Cancer Awareness month being in October, the sorority girls of TITs have decided to kick off their pledge week with a generous fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness. The lovely ladies, organized by sisters "Vicky " and " Rhi" offered up a variety of food and drinks at the Galaxy Bowl as well as a kissing booth and a Kissing contest that was judged by Police Chief Jay Biafra and his fiance Evelyna Callix with a $500L prize. The event was well attended and everyone seemed to really get into the Sock Hop theme, filling the dance floor with poodle skirts and zoot suits. Judge Trish Claremont even stepped up to fill a bit of time in the kissing booth while Melody Carter and Tobi

Better Business Bureau Scavenger Hunt

The Santa Ramona Valley Better Business Bureau is hosting a weekend long scavenger hunt. Twenty five local businesses have donated various items for locals to collect in an attempt to boost the local economy, as well as to give people a chance to learn about new businesses that have cropped up. The even begins Friday, February 16th at a table outside of City Hall where the first clue will be given, and runs through Sunday the 18th. Small boxes hidden in the various shops and hotspots will contain the prizes. Anyone that finishes the scavenger hunt is entered into a raffle to win big prizes! So strap on your running shoes, grab a friend and get out there and get to know your neighborhood

Preparing For Romance! Your Valentine's Horoscope

With Valentine's Day just days away men and women throughout Santa Ramona are wondering what's the best way to say " I love you" to that someone special. This year we at the Chronicle have taken the guess work out of it for you. After having contacted the best and world's most accurate sources we have compiled a Valentine's Guide to wowing that someone special. Read on to knock their socks off and make all their dreams come true! AQUARIUS JAN. 20-FEB. 18 The perfect Valentine's Day date: Aquarians love to be friends with everyone. So if you want their undivided attention, you'd best choose a secluded location where you won't be distracted. If a fun night is more your idea, then try an ev