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Addicted to Helping

Doc Mary Underwood, administrator of Santa Ramona Valley General Hospital, hopes to tempt locals to join her new support group, which is open to anyone suffering from any affliction. From substance abuse, to fetishism, depression to loss, Doc Mary and her entire Psychological Team hope to help the hopeless find their way. The first group session is planned at 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, at Grateful Meds, the dispensary of choice in Santa Ramona Valley. Participants can talk about any issue, any problem, and can expect to get the group's feedback, rather than purely a therapist's view. Providing guidance will be Doc Mary and Dr. Dawn W. Rowe, a rising star in the Psychology Department. "I see

People of SRV: Recreant-Pepper Wedding

There are wedding bells to be heard ringing down Mission Boulevard, as Miss Suzi Recreant prepares to wed Mr. Shaun Pepper. The ceremony will be held at the Non-Denominational Church, at 51 Vestral Street. All of the Santa Ramona Valley is invited to witness the joining of lives and hearts, with the ceremony starting at 9 a.m. SLT, on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Reception immediately following at the Boiler Room, with the tunes of the famous DJ Geordie Richards, spinning hot 1980s to today's hot hits!

Assault at the Hospital

By Lillyann Racicot, Santa Ramona Valley Chronicles Investigative Reporter It has been reported by an anonymous source that there was an incident in the Hospital earlier this month. A patient assaulted a nurse, first with a shove to the ground, then an assault with a blunt instrument. The patient was screaming as a banshee to someone on the phone, which happened to be the patient’s child. The nurse tried to calm that person down, worried for the consequences of such a behaviour to the patient’s health, but also to keep the required silence in the hospital corridors. The nurse is fine, although disturbed by the event. The patient, for which it seems that this episode is not an isolated