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srv recognized factions

Cartel Lead: Jefe Theo Castle (theolouie)


Specialty: Drug Production & Distribution

Seeking: Soldiers/Falcons/Sicario/Dealers & more

Seeking to unify criminal forces under the Castillo Cartel, able to be reached via the Dark Web.  All criminal orgs who are accepted will be funded and supplied.

Base: San Vardan Cartel Compound & Lab

Soul Reapers

1% MC Lead: Wade Worthington (derric bravin)


Specialty: Gun running & illegal gun sales

Seeking: Criminal Activity

Base: Lock n Load on Shady St.

Circle of the Black Thorn

Mafia Lead: Jordan Russo (jordanhughes)


Specialty: Sex Trafficking/Money Laundering

Seeking: Soldier, Enforcers, Handlers, trafficked victims

Base: Black Thorn Shelter

Latin Street Gang Leads:

Aysel Rodriguez(atiyecarsi)

Jeff Serrano(Danis.Radikal)


Specialty: Drugs, Theft, Blackmail, Illegal bets.

Seeking: Second Bosses, Soldiers,Drug Dealers, and workers for The Nation Saint(Association for the integrity and rights of Latin People)

Base: Skate Park & Basketball Court

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