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Srv faction information

About Factions

Factions at Santa Ramona Valley have long been a rich addition to roleplay. Now we venture to a more organized approach where players can mobilize their organized crime network whether it be a mob/mafia, syndicate, cult, cartel or gang and easily find a group which caters to their interests. Faction leaders can use this page to advertise and pick up members and information will not be used by local law enforcement in-character.

So you want to lead a faction? That's great! Factions are ideal for motivated self starters who wish to run an organized group in SRV with their fellow players. Factions do not need to be criminal based, factions can lean benevolent as well!

Although all are welcome to apply for a faction we do have some requirements to help you get started.

1. All factions must have at least 2 members including the lead, the lead must have applied for citizenship and been accepted.  (

2. All factions must have a group, we do not require you include SRV in the title of your group but it is appreciated!

3. All factions will have a 2 week trial period after applying, they will be informed by the OOC Criminal lead when their application has been accepted and the trial period can begin.

Once all of these requirements are complete your faction will be added to our official faction page on our website.

OOC Criminal Lead: Theolouie Resident


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