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Santa Ramona Valley,California


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We're a roleplaying region for roleplayers by roleplayers located exclusively in Second Life. Set in a fictional Southern California city only a few miles from the Mexico border. Since 2017 we have provided an 18+ outlet for creative expression to all levels of players and welcome all who join us.

Going by SRV or affectionately The Valley, we are pleased to offer free form, modern, and realistic roleplay to paragraph/semi-paragraph roleplay lovers and a place to call home with a seasoned community!

With two full, immersive regions you can bask in the sun and opulence of our expansive beaches and high class living in Northside, become entrenched in the darkness and crime of Southside, or go across the border to the lawless San Vardan, Mexico. No applications are required, simply follow our SLURL, read our rules, and get started on the character of your choice. If you love to roleplay in Santa Ramona Valley you may become a citizen, fill out this form for CITIZENSHIP HERE.

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