Californian Urban Paragraph Roleplay Sim, Established June, 2017.


Greetings from Santa Ramona Valley! We are an adult rated, modern, and urban Second Life roleplaying community set in a Californian coastal valley city. We offer a unique roleplaying experience catering to all walks of life from the very rich to the very poor and anywhere in between. We accept all skill levels of players but the community prides itself on descriptive paragraph storytelling. 

At Santa Ramona Valley we encourage our players to come and join us with a common goal to create epic roleplays for all to enjoy. We offer free form roleplay in an immersive environment. Become a citizen today to enjoy our numerous businesses, community events and find a place to call home

Offering fresh experiences curated to whatever your taste in roleplay is. Live in the mixing bowl of Northside, walk among dark and polluted alleys and live a subversive life of crime and corruption in southside or live high on the hog in Bel Air and wake up every morning to crisp sea air. You choose your adventure at Santa Ramona Valley! The choice is yours, your ticket awaits you:


             Touch the Ticket for Slurl to Santa Ramona Valley! 

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